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Welcome to the Museum

Our Mission

This museum was founded by The Royal Institution of Cornwall in 1818 to promote excellence in science and art and to forward the world-leading industries that Cornwall was known for. Over 200 years, The Royal Institution of Cornwall has established the museum, Courtney Library, and a programme of exhibitions, events, and activities to further its original aim.

Our mission is to provide a welcoming, dynamic and lively cultural hub centred around our collections, that inspires people to explore, thrive and have fun.

We are a charity that does not receive regular funding. Public support through donations and visitor income is vital to our success. We are grateful for the support provided by grants from Arts Council England through Cornwall Museums Partnership and Cornwall Council.

We are proud to say we are an Accredited museum and uphold high standards of care with all our collections.

RIC Consitution:   Memorandum & Articles