Sacrifice, Love, Loss

Until 30 June 2017

Thousands of men and women left Cornwall between 1914-18 to endure terrible hardship fighting the Germans in France and further afield. For those left behind, these were years of privation, anxiety, grief and extraordinary sacrifice.

Heart of Conflict looks at how people in Cornwall kept body and soul together during those years, how they lived and how they loved.

We’ve worked with local people to uncover previously untold stories of human bravery and endurance.

Women who struggled to make ends meet while waiting for their men and sons to return home from the Front…if they ever did. Young women who worked on the land, or in munitions factories or in the mines. Men forced to stay at home to do vital work such as mining, farming or fishing to keep the war machine going.

As this exhibition shows, not everyone makes the history books, but everyone has a story to tell.