There’s more in store…

At the Royal Cornwall Museum, there is quite literally ‘more in our stores’ than it would be possible to show at any one time in the museum’s galleries. Our stores and archives house a collection which is a wonderful mixed bag of artefacts ranging from paintings to petticoats, and from dinosaur fossils to surf boards.

The Royal Institution of Cornwall (the museum and Courtney Library) has amassed 100s of 1000s of objects reflecting culture and diversity from all over the world from prehistory to the present day. What’s more, we are proud to still be expanding our collections.

Help us chose and celebrate

2018 will be our 200th anniversary and we will be celebrating both inside and outside of the museum. One of our many bi-centenary events will be a celebration of 200 objects, one for each year, taken from our spread of collections. All sorts of people will be helping the museum chose the 200 objects.

Each month, a case in the museum will be filled with objects usually hidden away in our stores and we will be sharing these with you online. It’s such a pleasure to be able to have these pieces online for all to see and we would like you to help choose a selection of them to be included in the 200 objects for 200 years celebrationin 2018.

Please select the object that appeals most to you and comment below. Perhaps you could tell us why you like it, and we could share your thoughts if your favourite is chosen for exhibition.

So, there is ‘more in store’ for people to see and do. We invite you to come back to see the new objects every month, and hope that you can join in our 2018 celebrations.

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Click here to see our online gallery and comment on your favourite object