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Science Lecture

The Royal Institution of Cornwall Science Lecture which will take place on March 15th  6:30-7:30pm.
£8 adults, children free

This event Cornwall Calling’ is a specially commissioned science show packed full of live demonstrations. 200 years ago, when the Royal Institution of Cornwall first opened, the foundations of electrical science were being laid by a generation of brilliant minds, including the Cornishman Sir Humphry Davy.

The show tells how with a little knowledge, a good deal of skill (and some luck) the Georgians and Victorians revolutionised communications and laid the foundations for the highly connected world we live in today.

We’ll be lighting up lemons, finding coils strangely attractive, going dotty and dashing off messages in Morse, saving the submarine telegraph and re-kindling the sparks that fired the first wireless revolution!

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£8 for Adults, FREE for children.