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Cornish Chough

Cornish Chough

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Choughs are the county bird for Cornwall and appear on the Cornish coat of arms, as well as many club, school and company badges and logos.

They became extinct in Cornwall- and England – in 1973 because of the loss of good feeding habitat and the theft of eggs.

Conservationists and landowners have worked for more than 10 years to restore the vital coastal habitat of grazed vegetation that choughs need, and in 2002 that work paid off when a pair of wild choughs nestled close to Lizard point.

We are now seeing the beginnings of a healthy new generation of Cornish Choughs

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Adopted by: Adopted the Chough for my girlfriend as I know how much she loves the museum. Love Mike xx,

I love looking at birds in my garden and along the cliffs.