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Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians lived around the River Nile in Egypt up to about 6000 years ago.  We know quite a lot about how they lived and died because of the objects and monuments they left behind.  People collected some of these objects and many can be seen in Museums around the world today.  The Royal Cornwall Museum has a wonderful collection including the remains of a real Egyptian Mummy and its coffin.  The Ancient Egyptian writing on this coffin, written in hieroglyphs tells us that our mummy was a man and he lived about 2, 500 years ago.  We know he was a priest and a carpenter, and we even know his name.  He was called Iset Tayef Nahkt.



Download the image of Iset Tayef Nahkt’s coffin and colour it in.  You could make a coffin using an old shoe box.  You might also like to find out more about hieroglyphs and try writing a message to someone. Download the colouring page here.