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Celebrating 200 Years

2018 is a particularly special year for us here at the Royal Cornwall Museum and Courtney Library as it marks 200 years since we were founded. In February 1818, a group of Cornish men and women got together in Truro and formed what is now the Royal Institution of Cornwall; and we are still here today helping to show Cornwall to the world and the world to Cornwall. These founders were so inspired by the passion for discovery and invention that was so strong at the time, that they wanted to be a part of it and to share it.

As you might imagine, we are taking the chance to celebrate for the whole year, but not just by looking back at the past 200 years; we are also trying new things and looking forward. There will be celebrations inside and outside the museum with exhibitions and events of all kinds. We will be reorganising whole areas of our collections to reflect the themes of Cornish technological ingenuity over time and to showcase the variety of our collections. We will be involving diverse community groups in our interpretations and activities: drama, dance, song, poetry, lectures and re-enacted historical science experiments will all make up part of RIC 200.