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On a Wing and a Prayer: The Closure of the Mines

In March 1998, despite several efforts to save South Crofty and the Wheal Jane processing mill, the mine ceased operations. It was an emotional time for all involved.

Alan Taylor recounts the first successful attempt to stop the closure of the mines, whilst others talk about their final memories of South Crofty and Wheal Jane.


“Looking at it now, we probably look like a right rabble” Speaker: Alan Taylor


“The biggest thing is the comradeship and the friends we made” Speaker: Alan Beattie


“It was the end of an era” Speaker: Sheila Beattie


“It was a day I never forgot, because it’s a part of history” Speaker: Robbie Risbridger 


“You get this lump in your throat, because you now know the mine really is closing” Speaker: John Peck