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Mining Memories: Contributors

This project would not have been possible without those ex-miners from South Crofty and Wheal Jane who kindly shared their memories and gave their time to the project.

Thanks are due to:

Mike Bacon – Supervisor and Chief Engineer, Wheal Jane, 1971-1990. Member of Wheal Jane mine rescue team 1970s, Chairman of the Sports and Social Club mid 1980s.

Alan Beattie – Mechanical Engineering Supervisor, Wheal Jane, 1976-1985; Mechanical Foreman later Chief Engineer, South Crofty 1985-1998

Sheila Beattie – Payroll, Wheal Jane and South Crofty, 1986-1998

John Brown – Miner and Lamp man, South Crofty, 1960-1991

Graham Hill – Scoop Tram Driver & Captain of the Rugby team, Wheal Jane, mid-1980s

Peter Hughes – Miner & Safety Training Officer, South Crofty, 1962-1998

John Peck – Freelance Photographer for Wheal Jane 1972-1991 and South Crofty 1984-1998

Robbie Risbridger – Surface Foreman, responsible for the shafts at South Crofty and Wheal Jane, 1967-1998

Mike Shipp – Surveyor and Chief Surveyor, Wheal Jane, 1974-1986

Alan Taylor – Shift Boss (Union Rep and Safety Officer), Wheal Jane