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Creative Youth Response Unit’s #DigitalTakeover

To celebrate digital takeover day, our Creative Youth Response Unit worked together with our Engagement Officer, Lauren Campbell, to create and run through playful activities relating to our new exhibition, Adrift: Lost at Sea!

Play is a great way to interact with young people, getting them engaged in heritage, art, and culture while having fun. The Creative Youth Response Unit talked a bit about how they would want to attract young families to the museum by “making the activities enjoyable and engaging”, “talking to [families] through activities”, and “making the museum a comfortable, creative place with friendly staff, fun, and exciting things to do”.

To do this, the Unit’s members learnt how to facilitate a drop-in workshop, taking it in turns to lead a session in plastic printing (which we will be hosting this summer).

The Creative Youth Response Unit has been a great experience for members so far. They have enjoyed learning more about the range of roles in heritage, as well as the vastness of history and its impact on today’s world.

“The CYRU has really opened my eyes to what goes on behind the scenes in a museum and helped me solidify the fact that I want to keep being involved in museums in the future” (E-J)

We look forward to seeing where these young people end up on their journey!

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