Hoard of Iron Age gold staters and Roman silver denarii

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The RIC has recently purchased a hoard of Iron Age and Roman coins found in St Levan parish with help from the Art Fund, the V&A Purchase Grant Fund and the Headley Trust, but still requires support to match these funds. The hoard is a unique mix of Iron Age gold coins, like the quarter stater shown here minted by the Regini tribe in the Surrey and Sussex area, and Roman Republican silver coins, some of which were still being used almost two hundred years later when the hoard was deposited around AD 69.

There are few other hoards buried after the Roman Conquest in AD 43 with Iron Age and Roman coins that have been found together in the country as a whole, and even individual Iron Age coins are rare in Cornwall.  The Iron Age coins minted by tribes not normally represented this far west, such as the Belgae and the Atrebates, probably travelled westwards with the Roman coins as a result of Roman military activity in the 1st century AD. This suggests that although the Roman invasion of these areas did lead to a speedy replacement of the existing Iron Age coinages with the new Roman coinage, there was a limited amount of intermingling of these coinages in the earliest years of the Roman occupation of southern Britain. This incredibly important find shows the transition from an independent Iron Age Cornwall, to one which is having to cope with Roman ingress while continuing to trade with its continental as well as its British neighbours.

The hoard will be on display with a donations box beside it on the Balcony next to the Treasure panel from May 18th, 2019 and I invite visitors to come and see the quality of the coins and to donate and support the RIC’s contribution towards the total cost of acquisition.