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Draw To Explore

By Katrinka Wilson

Through drawing, we can really absorb the world round us, and in an age when we are all used to fast images on screens, it is a real treat to slow down a little bit; look, notice and feel curious. Draw to Explore is an opportunity to join me in some drawing as I haunt the galleries and exhibition spaces, sketchbook in hand, investigating the collections.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve met many lovely visitors to the museum who have joined in with the drawing and we’ve had some really interesting conversations. We’ve talked about Cornish wildlife and the fabulous taxidermy and I discussed the Beast of Bodmin’s paw print with a young holidaymaker from Coventry. We’ve looked in wonder at the incredible minerals in the Rashliegh Gallery where we used an ipad to draw their vivid colours and we’ve also been working out how the artists featured in Hireth Exhibition made such extraordinary and magical images. We have drawn the flowing bridal dress (very challenging) in the Poldark Exhibition and made up stories about the clay dragon lurking in the display cases near reception…

So, if you’re looking to express your creativity, be prepared to be really inspired by these collections; its all about being allowed to stand and stare.

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