3rd July- 30th August 2018


Daniel Cole is a member of the prestigious Society of Wildlife Artists and was awarded the British Birds Illustrator of the Year 2000.

Working predominantly in oil on board, Dan has perfected his approach over the years to produce work that is unique in its ability to capture his passion and understanding of the environment and combine it with an energetic foray into abstraction. His landscapes, sublime in their attention to natural detail, yet eye-catching in their dynamic line and colour, bridge an often-difficult gap between the real and the fantastical.

For Dan’s new exhibition, Birds, he has drawn on a lifetime spent observing, understanding and sketching birds, not just in Cornwall but all over the world. There will be around 65 different species of birds on show, all of which can be found in Cornwall, including the monumental piece that won him the prestigious Society of Wildlife Artists – Bird Artist of the Year award 2016.

“My inspiration comes from my lifelong love of natural history, I think it essential to draw from life- for me this is the only way to capture the movement and shapes of these creatures as they are rarely still. Sketches made in the field and accumulated in my numerous books are the starting point for all my work”.