Tony Foster Fragile Planet: Watercolour Journeys Into Wild Places

Open now until 24 December, Fragile Planet is a major exhibition of watercolours by renowned artist Tony Foster that illustrate the precariousness of wilderness and endangered environments around the world. Sadly, some of the amazing places Tony has been to and painted during his career are no longer there – or have been dramatically altered by the effects of climate change and human intervention.

Fragile Planet focuses on five environments chosen by Tony Foster; Rainforests, Water, Arctic, Deserts, and Cornwall – with information about each theme accompanying a set of Foster’s breathtaking watercolours. The show also highlights the positive action being taken to address climate change by many small charities across the globe. Visitors are then encouraged to reflect on what they can pledge to do differently to help tackle climate change.

For nearly 40 years, watercolour artist Tony Foster has painted in some of the world’s most dramatic natural environments including the Grand Canyon, the Atacama Desert, the Arctic, underwater in the Maldives, 18,000 feet up in the Himalayas, in rainforests, and amongst volcanoes. Foster is the only artist ever to have made large-scale paintings on-site of all three faces of Everest. In more recent times due to COVID-19, Foster has homed in on the marshes, woodlands and reclaimed industrial landscapes of Cornwall, where he lives and works.

Environmental concerns have always been at the core of Foster’s practice: since he first set off from Cornwall to the US in 1983. He has exhibited extensively across the US, and The Foster in Palo Alto, California was founded to promote his life’s work in relation to the natural world.

This exhibition is generously supported by The Foster Palo Alto, California.