The Royal Cornwall Museum is delighted to welcome The Courtauld Gallery’s touring exhibition of ten remarkable pieces of Islamic metalwork dating from the 13th to the 16th centuries. The objects include some of the finest examples of this intricate craft from modern-day Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt and Turkey.

Arguably the most spectacular piece in the collection is the Courtauld Bag, made in Mosul, present day northern Iraq, for a noble lady of the Persian-Mongol court, around 1300 – 1330. It is recognised as one of the finest pieces of Islamic inlaid metalwork in existence and the only surviving object of its kind.

This remarkable collection of objects, which have never been exhibited together before outside of London, will be complemented by a selection of Islamic Art from the Royal Cornwall Museum’s own collection.

Dr. Sussan Babaie, Iranian-American art historian at The Courtauld, best known for her extensive research on Persian and Islamic art of the early modern period, will be giving a talk on the collection at the Museum on November 29th from 6pm-7pm.

Tickets for Dr Sussan Babaie’s can be booked online or email [email protected]
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