What are we doing?

We at the Royal Institution of Cornwall would like help from the community and local businesses in creating a collection which outlines how Cornwall coped with the COVID-19. As a moment in history that will be remembered for decades, and a time that has brought so many challenges to everyone’s lives, we feel it is important that we record these extraordinary times through the collection of photos, testimonies and stories etc.

How you can help

Send us your photos, keep a diary, send us a testimony, tell us how you’re keeping busy or entertaining your family. Perhaps you’re self-employed and you’re using social media or the internet to keep your business present. You might be a keyworker – you can document how your life changed. Perhaps you live on a busy road that’s now completely empty. You might be teaching your children from home. Or you may have signed up to help your community. We want to record how people are staying safe, keeping active and helping others.

Have you contracted the virus? We’d like to record what it was like.

You might still be working and want to show us what you’re doing at work, why you’re still going to work, and how you’re having to change your routine to stay safe – we can host a video or share your experience for you!

What we will do with it

The Museum would like the right to use the material for social media, marketing, exhibitions and research, but we’d love for you to share with us even if you don’t give us these rights.

The Museum will keep the collection as a record of Coronavirus Cornwall 2020. We will create an online community for people to see how the county has changed, positive stories, support groups, business support and promotion. In the future we may exhibit the material so that we can remember our heroic keyworkers and how we came together.

Your data will only be used as you see fit: your contributions can be kept anonymous should you wish.

What to do next

If you’d like to get involved, please tell us what you’d like to contribute – if it’s a photo give us the date and location with a small description e.g. ‘a deserted street in Illogan at 12pm on a sunny Spring day’; a letter from your village hall or council detailing your local support group; a video of the ClapforNHS success on 26/03/20; a diary of your time in isolation; a selfie queuing at the supermarket.

Keep an eye on our blog posts about updates and content here:

You can get in touch by email: [email protected] or via our Facebook page. Or you can send your contributions to us at:


Ref: COVID-19 Collection

Royal Cornwall Museum,

25 River Street,




Please provide us with your name, a return address or contact method and let us know if you’re happy for us to share your contributions online (social media, website etc.)