Being creative is an act of imagination and expression which can help some people to find a voice. The art of an autistic person gives an insight into their unique perception of the world.

Local charity Spectrum, which supports people & families living with autism, have worked together with RCM to develop a unique exhibition of work: some created by artists with autism and some by artists without – art transcends labels.






Spectrum is a non-profit making registered charity, with over 35 years of experience providing residential, education, and outreach support services for individuals on the Autism spectrum.

Spectrum has 21 residential houses throughout Cornwall and an Autism information and resource centre, The Pearl Centre which is located in the centre of Truro.

Spectrum has always had a close relationship with art and over the years have held art competitions for those with autism. A national art award and many other small exhibitions.

This exhibition demonstrates that art can be viewed without the viewer being aware of which artist has autism or not, in the same way that you can’t tell by looking at a person whether they have autism or not.

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