Since the inception of the Royal Institution of Cornwall 200 years ago, one of the aims of the Institution has been to collect objects from around the world. An RIC Report of 1829 published ‘Hints for Travellers’, which encouraged globe-trotting members of the Institution to send foreign specimens and objects back to Cornwall, concluding that:

‘When we consider the constant communication between our ports and all parts of the world.…we would only say that a traveller can hardly collect a bird, a beetle, an arrow, or a stone in foreign lands which will not possess value in a museum.’

This has resulted in a fascinating and diverse collection that has opened windows onto the world both for us and for those who have come before us. In this exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to explore stories from across the globe through these objects, such as the bones of a giant Moa, an extinct bird from New Zealand, minerals from ‘Cousin Jacks’, fertility masks from Africa and wedding garments from Albania, to name but a few.