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Ancient Egypt Package

Extend your children’s learning by signing up to receive weekly updates from our very own Egyptian mummy Iset Tayef Nakht. Read his personal accounts of life as a priest and a craftsman set against the background of life in Ancient Egypt. Iset Tayef Nakht gives you a unique insider view of life at the time as well as activities to do in the classroom.

Workshop: Then finish off your topic with a visit to the museum for the workshop which includes following him as he passes to the Afterlife.

Loans Box: You can also book a loans box giving you original objects in the classroom.

Ancient Egypt- Tales from the Tomb

Enjoy a visit to our Unwrapping the Past Gallery and discover why the gods were so important to the Ancient Egyptians. Dig for clues in the sand, identify original objects, experience a fun, interactive re-enactment of the process of mummification and take part in the dramatic Judgement of the Dead ceremony! What will you take into the Afterlife? Links with the National Curriculum area ‘achievements of the earliest civilisations, Ancient Egypt’.

£25 for four weekly updates accessed through Iset Tayef Nakht’s Blog
£15 for a Loans Box
£4.70 per pupil for a Workshop

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