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Relaxed Opening Hours at Royal Cornwall Museum

Did you know that the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro offers monthly relaxed opening hours?

Relaxed hours are 10 am – 12 pm on the first Monday of every month.

The museum’s relaxed opening hour is designed to accommodate those who appreciate a calmer visit. Visitors will have the freedom to explore the museum without the hustle and bustle of regular opening hours, with a dedicated chill out space and noise reductions in place throughout the museum. The museum’s welcoming team will be there to accommodate you the moment you step in through the door.

Everyone is welcome, but this session is primarily for families with autistic children, autistic young people and adults, adults living with dementia, adults and children with mental health problems and any other visitors with sensory needs who may enjoy a relaxed visit with families, friends, and carers.

Lauren Campbell, Engagement Officer at the museum says, “We’ve been running relaxed opening hours for a number of months now and the response from the community has been really positive. Sometimes museums can be an overwhelming place for those with sensory needs but they also can have a wealth of benefits for people’s mental wellbeing. We hope that by providing these relaxed openings we can reach as many people as possible and enable them to engage with Cornwall’s art and heritage.”

To attend the relaxed opening hours, usual entrance fees apply but there is no need to book ahead.

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