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Summer of fun at the museum

Over the summer holidays, Royal Cornwall Museum will be hosting a series of family activities alongside our exhibition, RNLI: 200 Years of Saving Lives at Sea.

For each week you complete, you’ll get a stamp in your Make Waves passport. Get four or more stamps and you’ll receive a special prize!

Don’t forget, kids go free! Entry and activities are free for kids (under 18s), and adult entry is £7.50 for an annual pass.

All summer long we have:

  • RNLI dress up
  • RNLI Board games
  • Toddler time, ‘tiny world’ play
  • Pose for a photo with Stormy Sam!

Week 1: 22 – 27 July

  • Make a flag!
  • Beach ball basketball: shoot some hoops in the museum!

Week 2: 29 July – 3 August

  • Pack a beach bag! Can you beat the clock?
  • Does is sail? Make your own boat with cork or sponge.

Week 3: 5 – 10 August

  • Beach ball skittles!
  • Does it float? Folded paper boats.

Week 4: 12 – 17 August

  • Danger! Spot the dangers and create your own poster.
  • From the archives, match our historic lifeboat photos to their description

Week 5: 19 – 24 August

  • Get dressed quick! Lifeboat crew dress up, don’t miss the boat!
  • Small world play, can you create a ‘beach on a plate’?

Week 6: 26 – 31 August

  • Grace Darling. Lead about this heroine and craft a newspaper headline
  • Sieving for nurdles, what can you find in the sand?