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Truro Open 2023 Winners Announced

Over 200 artists across Cornwall submitted their expression of the Spirit of Cornwall to Royal Cornwall Museum this autumn.

The result was ‘Truro Open: the Spirit of Cornwall’, a beautifully curated exhibition in the museum’s Chapel Gallery showing the range of talent, mediums, expression, and creativity throughout the region. All works featured in the show were automatically entered into three prize categories: People’s Vote, Emerging Artists (age 16-25), and Panel’s Selection.

The Judges Panel comprised of known Cornish artists: Maria Christoforidou, Sovay Berriman, Natalie Day, Andrew Barrowman, Elliot Kenton, and Mary Godwin. Alongside their Panel’s Selection winners, they also selected artists that stood out to them for commendation.

Winners and commendations:

Winners of the Emerging Artists Category
  • Sarah Sweeney, Fishy Landscape
  • Noah Breslin, The Main Stope of Rosevale Mine
Winner of the People’s Vote
  • Chris Insoll, Room with a View
Winners of the Panel’s Selection
  • Zenna Tagney, Guizer Menhir
  • Heather Shaw, Hidden Stones

Judges Commended

  • Daniel Cole, Moonrise over St Anthony’s Head
  • Adam Drouet, Mealtime at Crossroads
  • Linus Firth, I grew this radish on my allotment
  • Heather Shaw, Hidden Stones
  • Christopher Burns, Number 10
  • Kate Godden Green, Weather the Dress
  • Susan Partington, Fawey Moor