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Citizen Curator

Citizen Curators RCM Project information:

 ‘Diversifying our interpretations of the collections’

The first project will explore European objects depicting Africans and also our objects from Africa, culminating in an on-line exhibition for Black History Month in October.

The second will be looking at sexuality (Sex and Desire as a template) culminating in an on-line exhibition in February for LGBT history month. Throughout their time here the CC’s will produce one piece of on-line content per week. They could take it in turns to post/publish or work in pairs or as a group. The posts will relate to the work that they are undertaking and/or will contribute to the on-line exhibitions.

Deadline for Royal Cornwall Museum applications is 31st August 2019. Applicants must be able to attend all of the East workshops on specified Mondays and come to the Museum one day per week during the course. Induction session on 18th September 2019.

Download an application form:
Application Questionnaire Citizen Curators 2019-20

Please email form to [email protected]