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Foundation & Key Stage 1

Our aim is not only to provide a great learning experience but to instill in children a love and understanding of the past and it’s people.

FS & KS1- Cornish Giant, Fact or Fiction?
Meet the real Cornish Giant, Antony Payne in this stimulating workshop. Use his portrait and original artefacts to find out about his life. Discover more about legendary Cornish giants and make a giant group collage to take away.

Old Toys
Explore toys and games from the past, enjoy the wonder of a Victorian magic lantern and make a replica toy to take away.  Links to the National Curriculum area ‘changes within living memory’.

Great Grandma’s Attic
Meet Great Grandma Nancy as she goes through her attic.  Experience life from her childhood through original old household objects and her beautiful 1950’s doll’s house.  Helps develop concept of chronology and links to the National Curriculum area ‘changes within living memory’.

Mrs Trevithick’s Tale
Meet Mrs Trevithick and find out about her inventor husband. Within a dramatic presentation pupils handle and discuss artefacts, photographs and models. This workshop links with the National Curriculum ‘significant historical events, people and places in their own locality’ and ‘the lives of significant individuals in the past’. Also links with Key Stage 2 Local History topic.

Travel back in time to find out what holidays used to be like. What did you put in your suitcase? What did you do at the beach? Round off your visit to the seaside with a Punch and Judy show. Links to the National Curriculum area ‘changes within living memory and Inspire Curriculum Year 2 Unit 9.

Discover the fascinating world of minibeasts through observing and sorting a variety of insect specimens. Explore the effects of magnification through the work of artist Nuni Ryder.

Cornwall Council Schools Art Collection
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Pre-2014 Workshops- available on request:
Marvin’s Marvellous Treasures
What’s In The Box
Home Sweet Home

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