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Key Stage 2

Hands-on learning to enhance the curriculum

Stone Age to the Iron Age – it’s a material world.
Take a trip through 400,000 years as man developed from the early Stone Age.  Explore tools, food and homes.  See how technology developed into the Bronze Age as metals were first discovered and then finally how life was for people living in the Iron Age.  Handle original and replica objects and take part in everyday Iron Age household tasks.  Links with the National Curriculum – ‘changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age’.

Ancient Egypt – Tales from the Tomb
Enjoy a visit to our Unwrapping the Past Gallery and discover why the gods were so important to the Ancient Egyptians.  What will you take into the afterlife?  Dig for clues in sand, identify original objects and take part in the dramatic Judgement of the Dead ceremony!  Links with the National Curriculum – achievements of the earliest civilisations, Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Greece – Going Potty!
Investigate ancient Greek pottery in this hands-on workshop. Find the clues to help you discover more about their beliefs, myths and legends. Make your own clay Greek pot to take away. Links with the National Curriculum – Ancient Greece, a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world.

Ancient Rome – Life at Magor Villa
Discover how the Romans influenced life in Britain. Make and decorate a Roman lamp from clay using our collection of Roman pottery lamps for inspiration. Links with National Curriculum – ‘the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain and the legacy of Roman culture on later periods in British history, including the present day’.

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